Little Black Book ( LBB, Delhi )  : Across Generations: Meet the Team Behind This Awesome Home Decor Company

Some things are so precious that they are passed down only within the family, throughout generations, like family heirlooms. And Artcraft, a 40-year-old brass trading company that opened up its own manufacturing unit in 2018, is definitely an incredible heritage passed down for generations. Artcraft has some wonderful wall art, mirrors, table artefacts, and so much more that has to do with brass. Best part? Its dynamic, young team coupled with its rich history. 

Abhishek Mittal, Managing Director and Head Designer at Artcraft, has a story straight out of a movie. Working a nine-to-five job in an MNC, he eventually came to realize that he wanted to go back to his roots and his true love, which was the world of brass trading. After having been in business for nearly forty years, Abhishek picked up Artcraft from where his father, Rajesh Mittal had left off, intending to carry his legacy forward. However, he ended up hitting a rocky patch where he was unable to find the perfect manufacturer. He saw opportunity in that, and started off his own flagship brand dedicated to brass products, based right out of the capital, Delhi. 

As is the case with every successful business, Abhishek decided to rope in the perfect partners for his venture. That is when he found Mayank Sharma and Monika Sharma Mittal. Mayank Sharma works as the Head of Growth and Strategy at Artcraft, and much like Abhishek, left behind a life of an engineer in order to pursue his dream of having a meaningful career. One could say that Mayank is the man who ensures that the beauty of brass artwork is brought to life by bringing it from the streets of India out to potential customers. At the same time, Monika Mittal, Head of Marketing and Operations at Artcraft, believes in growing outside one’s comfort zone. Monika is at the heart of team-building in the firm, and has a penchant for tackling issues of all sizes with a smile on her face. Together, the three make an inseparable, wonderful team that ensures that the idea behind Artcraft lives across generations: bringing the beauty of brass straight to your home.

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