Abhishek Mittal

A brass enthusiast at heart, Abhishek is the Managing Director and Head designer, here at Artcraft. Abhishek comes from a family with a rich history in brass trading. Started by his grandfather, continued by his father and later to be continued by Abhishek himself, little did the Masters in Computer Science know that destiny would bring him back to his roots.

While working at an MNC’s 9-5, Abhishek knew that something in his life was amiss and thus decided to leave behind the desk job and follow the world that he still, after 40 years of business, held dear in his heart - the world of brass trading. To pick up where his father left off,

Abhishek went about searching for manufactures in Moradabad and Aligarh, anyone who would bring to life his designs and ideas, but fate had other plans! Failing to find the perfect manufacturer, Abhishek decided to create a brand of his dreams -“The Artcraft”, and that is how, a brand dedicated to brass, was born in India’s very own capital, Delhi. A cooking hobbyist, Abhishek believes that purity and nature walk hand-in-hand, and he hopes that with his companions at Artcraft, he will continue to uphold his brand with the same purity and nature-inspired ideas that he so willingly brings into his brass designs!


Mayank Sharma

 Mayank Sharma is the co-founder at Art-craft. An Engineer from NSIT, Mayank heads the Growth & Strategy at Artcraft. He holds the opinion that each day adds up to the end results and every little step we take in the direction of our dreams never goes to waste. Going by this approach, Mayank is always on a look-out for building strategic alliances and partnerships for Artcraft and strategizing on how to bring the beauty of brass, hidden away in the Indian streets, out in the spotlight for the entire world to amaze upon! He is always keen and passionate about how to design, architect, and spearhead new business verticals that strengthen the business with easy integration while maximizing financial utility.

For Mayank, creating a business provides one with a holistic perspective not only on the work front but also in life thus making his work at Artcraft not just a job, but a way to add new dimension and layer to his way of life.

A capital market enthusiast, Mayank likes to devote his free time reading and keeping up with market developments which also helps him
understanding the knitty-gritties of running a successful business in today’s era! To ensure that he keeps giving back to the society that has given him so much, Mayank contributes his hours at a Delhi based NGO, where he has been serving for the past 8 years. After all, as he likes to quote Annie Dillard "How you live your day, is how you live your life!”


Monika Sharma Mittal

A firm believer of “ Growth happens outside your comfort zone”, Monika is using all her years of experience in leading the Operations and Marketing at her firm, Artcraft. Monika has worked in the Corporate world for a period of 10 years, gaining experience and insight on how to run teams, manage projects and deliver outstanding results!

Travelling is a way of life for Monika, who loves to binge on her favorite playlists as she roams the world, discovering new things about herself, with each trip! Monica is a staunch practitioner of travelling fundas and brings them back with her into team building and managing exercises.

She understands how visiting new places can help discover a person’s deepest desires and put one in touch with oneself. A grounded enthusiast, she is the foundation that keeps the wheels at Artcraft spinning. A coder at heart, and a software engineer by profession, she is nothing short of ArtCraft's very own version of ‘debugger’ who continues to address all small issues and matters that come up, with a never-ending smile on her face!

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